Skilled workers

Wherever there is sawing, lacquering, cutting, milling, welding or soldering, you need the right indoor climate. Why? Because dust- and draft-free heating is crucial for high production standards.

Ideal heating for businesses:

  • Durable and award-winning energy-saving technology
  • Fast payback
  • Short heat-up times
  • Balanced heat distribution even in poorly insulated facilities
  • Draft- and dust-free heating
  • Simple installation and maintenance conditions
  • Ideal for material preheating and drying
  • Flexible zone heating
  • Easy-to-operate system control
  • Perfect for new constructions and renovations

Robust. Reliable. Free of air and dust turbulences.

While dust is generated in many production processes, it effectively hinders quality workmanship. So it is important to prevent dust turbulence as far as possible. Infrared technology from KÜBLER helps you tame those dust devils. In contrast to conventional heating systems, its radiant heat does not warm up the air – thus preventing the creation of air movements or dust swirls. Infrared heating resembles the warmth of the sun, just one reason why rooms heated by KÜBLER are so pleasant to work in.

Even heat distribution
Single heating zones individually regulated

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Even heat distribution.
Important for workpieces and machines.

Absolutely even heat distribution is often essential in the metalworking industry. It ensures the homogeneous temperature control of workpieces and machines – indispensable especially in areas of high-precision mechanics where close tolerances are required.

Single heating zones individually regulated

Our heating systems allow single zones to be defined and individually regulated according to their particular usage. After all, temperature requirements within an industrial building can vary widely, depending on whether areas are used for production, assembly, packaging or warehouse purposes.