KÜBLER Services. A lot that speaks for it.

Did you know that only 1 °C deviation in the temperature display means 6% more energy consumption? Sustainably high system efficiency is also a question of the right setting. KÜBLER's services give you the assurance that this will remain so. They ensure that your heating system is reliably available at all times. Extend the life cycle. Protect your investment. But our services have even more advantages. See here.


Closeness, caring, KÜBLER. That's why we have set up a close-knit service network for you. With regional bases. With highly qualified technicians. Nationwide and customer-oriented. Wherever our heaters are in use for you. This means for the German-speaking countries: From Austria and Switzerland to Flensburg, we are there for you regionally. And in all regions you can rely on one thing: the quality standard made by KÜBLER.


KÜBLER heating systems are premium technologies. A demand for quality. And of course you can expect
the same from our services. Our service employees are professionals in their field. Outstandingly
qualified and excellently equipped with all special tools, which make their use on site fast, effective
and sustainable.


Every KÜBLER space heating system is an original. KÜBLER original components ensure that this remains so. We only use spare parts with our manufacturer's guarantee. This is the only way to ensure that all components are optimally matched to each other. And you are highly satisfied with the safety, reliability and service life of our systems for years to come.


We have declared energy efficiency to be our principle. We measure every development, every technology from our company against this. The modular design, the high-quality materials and workmanship, even the simple access concept to all components and much more – all these factors contribute to keeping costs as low as possible for you throughout the life cycle. Regular professional service ensures that this remains.

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