Aviation & Transport.

Mobility requires fast response times and means of transportation that can be maintained, repaired and used even when outside temperatures are bitterly cold. To achieve this, you need a pleasant room temperature – a real challenge in often high and drafty hangars, truck workshops or locomotive sheds.

Infrared heating systems from KÜBLER. Benefits at a glance:

  • Energy efficient despite frequently opened facility doors
  • Pleasant warmth even with ceiling heights of 10 m and more
  • Short heat-up times to reach working temperatures quickly
  • Dust- and draft-free for high quality and safety requirements
  • Freely definable heating zones
  • Up to 15% extra energy from residual heat for heating offices and sanitary facilities in the H.Y.B.R.I.D. system


This is where KÜBLER comes in. Our energy-saving space heaters can slash energy costs. Their heating principle can be compared to the action of the sun, heating people and objects in a facility – and not the surrounding air. Quickly and efficiently, even when large machines such as ICE locomotives or airplanes are driven into the hall ice-cold. And although cold air rushes in when the large facility doors are opened, the temperature in the building can be quickly restored thanks to KÜBLER'S powerful infrared systems. Another major advantage: they heat without creating drafts or dust, a crucial prerequisite to satisfying the extremely high safety and quality requirements of the transport sector.

Extra efficient with residual heat utlization
Intelligent with hall doors open

"When it comes to manufacturing aircraft parts, every one μ counts: With such temperature-sensitive processes, a balanced room climate is everything."

Manfred Keller
Kalkulation und Arbeitsvorbereitung, Homburger GmbH & Co. KG, Markdorf

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Up to 15% extra energy. Use of residual heat for offices and washrooms.

The efficiency solution of choice wherever offices or washrooms are located in the facility: KÜBLER's H.Y.B.R.I.D. system for residual heat utilization. It recovers up to 15% of energy from waste heat of heating systems. Can be used directly and almost free of charge to heat offices, showers or other sanitary facilities.

TorOff. The intelligent control module.

The integrated TorOff efficiency module ensures that there is no unnecessary heating in the vicinity of open doors – thus increasing the efficiency of the space heating system.