Ensuring sustainable satisfaction.

One thing is certain: KÜBLER infrared heating systems are always a good recommendation. After all, you can expect from us only the best in innovative and efficient technologies – and, of course, our exceptional expertise. Expertise you can use for yourself in all work phases – from stocktaking to execution planning.

These are the benefits:

  • Award-winning energy-saving technologies
  • Up to 70% energy / CO2 savings in the H.Y.B.R.I.D. system with residual heat utilization
  • Fast payback
  • No draft, no dust
  • Flexible zone heating
  • Intelligent system control
  • Can be connected to your building control system
  • Reliable support in all project phases
  • Decades of experience as innovation leader
  • Conform to strict environmental regulations

How energy-efficient infrared heating systems meet evironmental regulations.

KÜBLER is there to help you met even the strictest environmental regulations because our high-performing radiant heating systems contribute substantially to saving energy. Nevertheless, there are always uncertainties and questions. Where you can find the answers? Here at KÜBLER - just ask us.

Planning and lighting

Our expertise has culminated in the availability of highly trained consultants who are only too happy to support you with the optimal design of your space heating. One of our experts is certainly close to you. By the way: to date, we have completed well over 10,000 projects. In Germany alone. This gives you the security of finding the customized solution for your project.

We support you. In every phase of the project.

In addition to highly efficient infrared heating systems, KÜBLER provides you with valuable specialist knowledge. Expertise based on decades of experience that you can use for yourself - from the first customer support contact to implementation planning, installation and maintenance. Take a closer look.

Services for specialist planners.

  • Individual support from qualified technicians
  • Support in design and calculation
  • Creation of CAD plans
  • Preparation of tender documents in GAEB and Word
  • Regular training programs for specialist planners
  • Use of KÜBLER's planning services
  • Heat requirement calculation
  • Energy consumption and cost calculation
  • Gas line dimensioning
  • Creation of CAD assembly plans