Short, fast and direct from the offer to the heated hall. We hand over turnkey. With all associated trades.
Up to the integration of your office heating systems. Up to the acceptance by the chimney sweep. And far
beyond that. After all, we take care of your system. Probably over the next 25 years or more. What do you
get out of it? A responsible contact person. And the good feeling of knowing that your heating project is in
experienced hands.

Power supply.


As a specialist for gas-powered infrared heating systems, we assume overall responsibility. If you wish. Also for the planning and design of the necessary natural gas or liquid gas connections. This applies to all plant sizes. In the output range of several megawatts as well as for 20 kW systems. Our services start with A such as application and coordination with your regional municipal utilities. Reach over R like realization of complete gas distribution systems*. And we don't stop at S like services for a long time yet. For your existing plants, we can take over all maintenance tasks on request. Including the necessary usage tests according to TRGI and TRF. Our responsible employees at your site are experienced experts for gas plants. Highly qualified and regularly trained.

*If individual settlements, e.g. for different rental parties, are required.


The new installation of star wiring and bus systems, the integration of existing peripherals and BMS, the
integration of highly functional control or remote control technology with CELESTRA and WinTec. And much, much more. In short: the entire planning and design of the electrical cables required for your
heating system is in the hands of our experienced electrical specialists. For every system size. In new
and existing buildings. Based on our own specially developed planning tools, we at KÜBLER configure
the solution that best meets your requirements.


KÜBLER's trademark is the integration of various technologies into a complete system that is coordinated
down to the last detail. Of course, this also applies to the integration of hydraulic systems. However, our
trained specialists go far beyond the integration in specified hot water or office heating systems. If
desired, we can realise complete central heating systems. With the aim of using all heat recovery options,
we check the heat flows in your hall. Including all possible energy sources from your process heat or
waste heat, for example from compressors. The overall view with which our experts look at their tasks
and the experience gained from tens of thousands of completed projects ensures this for you: The best
possible energy-saving solution for your large facility.


It's clear that hall heating systems from KÜBLER heat energy efficiently. However, you may be surprised to learn that our customers also use them for completely different applications. In high-precision mechanics, for example, where the tolerances are extremely tight, our systems have proven to be ideal for homogeneous preheating of workpieces and machines. KÜBLER infrared heaters are used for drying concrete or paint in the production of precast concrete parts or in solvent-free painting. In greenhouses for safe CO2 fertilization. In coils to avoid condensate. H.Y.B.R.I.D., KÜBLER's complete system with integrated residual heat recovery, has proven to be ideal for bundling entire heat flows. For example, to harness process heat.