Whether it is the high humidity in washing halls or frequently moving vehicles on or off
lifting platforms or into garages: we know the challenges. Here are our solutions.

A problem In maintenance an d repair facilities: doors are frequently opened, letting in cold air. The most important thing is to have a practical, energy efficient heating system. In other words, a solution that creates a pleasant working environment despite regular air exchanges. One that is dust- and draft-free – and flexible enough to be be customized to individual workstations.

Ideal heating for washing bays, maintenance and repair facilities:

  • Low consumption costs
  • Short heat-up times
  • Zone and workstation heating possible
  • Space-saving assembly
  • Well suited for low ceilings
  • Dust- and draft-free heating
  • High operational safety
  • Low investment costs
  • Stainless steel version for humid room atmosphere
  • Residual heat utilization for hot water preparation in the H.Y.B.R.I.D. system

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Special solutions for special requirements: Heating for maintenance and repair facilities from KÜBLER.

No matter whether you are heating a small garage or a large aircraft hangar: KÜBLER's infrared heating systems can be adapted to a wide range of requirements. Including the intelligent control systems such as CELESTRA. Different heating zones can be controlled in this way. Simple, intuitive and transparent. Ingenious expansion modules increase efficiency. For example TorOff: the module ensures that as little heating energy as possible is lost despite frequently opened facility doors.

"With almost 70% energy savings, our investment in infrared heating has paid for itself."

Hans-Peter Kauderer
mateco AG