Versatile. The AR series.

What makes the AR series of radiant tube heaters so special? You can start with the fact that they offer almost unlimited application possibilities and are also available in stainless steel. Then take a look at their simple installation, easy maintenance and modular expansion concept. And be impressed by the fact that they provide high functionality at low investment costs.

One heater. Three models. Maximum range of application.

Stainless steel
Stainless steel or aluminum, linear or parallel – the material of the burner housing and the arrangement of the radiant tubes determine the design and functionality of the AR infrared heating line. And make it into an infrared system with universal application possibilities. Ideal for large warehouses with ceiling heights over 10 m. Perfect for small, low production facilities with ceiling heights under 4 m. Excellent for narrow shelf aisles, maintenance aisles like those found in car washes or similar facilities with high humidity. This flexible infrared heating system is designed by KÜBLER to be so low-noise that it can be implemented under the most demanding circumstances – in exhibition halls, for example.

Diversity at a glance:

  • Energy-saving infrared technology
  • Low-noise burner concept
  • Calorized tubes to increase infrared content and protect against corrosion
  • Stainless steel turbulators to optimize the infrared component
  • Gas burner complete with control system
  • Impressive price-performance ratio

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Exceptionally affordable

The AR radiant heater series guaranties an optimized cost-benefit ratio. The energy-saving infrared heaters have stainless steel reflectors and burner tubes. For measurably lower consumption. For greater energy efficiency the reflector end caps are also made of stainless steel: they prevent convection upwards and increase the infrared ratio.

Robust endurance

Reliable heat output, save operation and versatile applications: these are the principles behind KÜBLER's AR infrared heating line. All guaranteed by high-quality workmanship, vacuum-monitored equipment technology and clever details such as induced draft burners – designed to ensure all aspects of safety. Quite simply: the robust space heater offers you maximum availability.

Ideal installation and maintenance.

With its modular design, the AR series can be easily mounted under the facility roof with just a few bolted connections. The intelligent design ensures that the burner is easily accessible at all times – ideal for easy maintenance. KÜBLER's versatile range of units can be connected to both individual and collective exhaust systems. In addition, the burner can suck in combustion air from the outside – when the room air is heavily polluted.


Infrared technologies made by KÜBLER consistently follow one principle: economy. That's why the AR series is available in nine different versions. We implement only the heating solution that meets your requirements – and tailor it carefully to your facility conditions.

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