What nature and technology have in common? A special charisma.

Infrared is the natural heat principle of the sun. Physics describes electromagnetic waves in a defined spectral range at the border to visible light. Infrared rays in long-wave frequency are emitted from any thermal source. These infrared rays have the property of heating only the bodies they encounter. Heat transfer by infrared thus differs significantly from convection, i.e. the heating of ambient air.

The ratio of convection to infrared provides information about the quality and efficiency of infrared heating. This is based on a physical law: the higher the temperature of a heat source, the lower its (undesirable) convective part and the higher its (desirable) infrared part. A physical law that makes KÜBLER usable up to its limits.


Infrared rays warm. Without air movement, without draughts, without dust turbulence. On our planet the most pleasant heat principle. That's what makes infrared so comfortable.


Infrared rays heat bodies and objects that absorb them. Air remains unaffected. A decisive advantage when heating high hall rooms. Because there are also no warm air cushions, which rise upward and evaporate unused under the hall roof. Infrared heat works where it is used. That's what makes it so economical.


Comfortable, efficient and economical: Because of these advantages, KÜBLER has declared infrared to be its efficiency principle. And since 1989, KÜBLER has brought the efficiency of this principle to a leading position in its space heating technologies. KÜBLER infrared heaters today are power packs with the lowest energy requirements. Highly intelligent and unique in many ways.