Open doors, high-bay warehouses, moisture-sensitive stored goods – an enormous heating challenge. Exactly the kind of challenge that KÜBLER likes.

Intelligent heat for warehouses:

  • Safe protection of stored goods against frost and condensate formation
  • TorOff module for frequent goods turnover
  • Maximum heating comfort
  • Pleasant indoor climate
  • Dust- and draft-free heating
  • High operational safety
  • Flexible for heating zones and individual workstations
  • Modular design for future extension


Frequently open facility doors, condensate- and temperature-sensitive goods, high storage shelves, different usage zones: conditions so typical of many warehouses. And equally typical are the extraordinary demands that a warehouse places on its heating system. Demands of room climate and energy efficiency that KÜBLER's space heating systems successfully meet.

This is where energy savings begins

Intelligent additional components

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This is where energy saving begin.
The infrared heating.

Infrared is regarded as the most modern technology for the economical heating of facilities. KÜBLER's energy-saving infrared heating technology is one of the most efficient solutions for warehouses because it generates heat specifically in the area of use – exactly where it is needed. So there is almost no evaporation of unused heat under the roof. KÜBLER space heating systems set standards: with innovative technology, even more balanced heat distribution and above all with powerful efficiency. For even more energy savings.

Intelligent additional components. For the extra plus in efficiency in your warehouse.

  1. TorOff
    No energy loss – even when facility doors are open.

  2. HygroTec
    For guaranteed protection against condensation.

  3. H.Y.B.R.I.D.
    Up to 15% extra energy through innovative use of residual heat.