Designed for the energy-saving full heating of medium to large facilities, Thermoline MS is a proven classic among radiant heaters. Originally developed in the late 1960s, it was optimized in the late 1980s. Even though the designs of modern infrared technologies are more efficient, there are still areas of application where Thermoline MS integrates perfectly with the room. The heater is available in power ratings from 28 kW and can be extended segment by segment. For installation lengths ranging from 15 to 140 metres.


Special overall lengths, individual shapes, single- or twin-tube versions – that is the large IR heater line from KÜBLER. Made in Germany for almost 30 years and customized for special requirements. For long aisles in high-bay warehouses and in logistics and order-picking facilities. What makes this line so outstanding? Its many technical features and quality components – first and foremost recirculation. The targeted guidance of combustion air and fuel gas reduces consumption and minimizes pollution. And it ensures uniform pipe heat distribution despite the large overall lengths.

Thermoline MS. The benefits.

  • Lengths from 15 to 140 m
  • Performance classes from 28 to 140 kW
  • Single- or double-pipe guide
  • Low overall heights of burners and radiation tubes
  • Adaptability to all architectural conditions, even in critical spaces
  • Uniform pipe heating despite large overall lengths
  • Double insulation
  • Long service life thanks to stainless steel components

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Infrared technologies made by KÜBLER consistently follow one principle: economy. This is why Thermoline MS is available in six different models. We implement only the heating concept that meets your requirements – and tailor it precisely to your specific facility conditions.