PRIMA is KÜBLER's new standard infrared heating line. For new and existing buildings.
For big performance demands and small budgets.


PRIMA Technologie

PRIMA is equipped with KÜBLER's most modern and powerful burner technology. With outstanding combustion properties, it features technical highlights or intelligent burner diagnosis. Top technology for energy-saving infrared heating also means that PRIMA is compatible with H.Y.B.R.I.D. and can be integrated into KÜBLER's digital heat strategy WÄRME 4.0 .


Hallenheizung PRIMA in einer Lagerhalle

With a radiation efficiency of around 60%, PRIMA is one of the most efficient standard infrared heaters on the market. And KÜBLER's new line of heating solutions achieves even more: up to 70% in the PRIMA plus version. This high energy efficiency has several advantages. You install fewer kW with the same heat output, thus reducing energy consumption, protecting the environment and saving money – 10%* of energy costs annually.

*Average savings compared to conventional standard lines.

The price. And many more benefits.

  • Powerful infrared heating technology
  • Outstanding price-performance ratio
  • Hightec burners
  • Simple construction
  • Conformes to strict European environmental regulations
  • Simple installation and maintenance conditions
  • Cost-effective operation
  • Robust and durable
  • Versatile models
  • Flexible use
  • Low-noise operation
  • Made in Germany

Very versatile.

Infrared technologies made by KÜBLER consistently follow one principle: economy. This is why PRIMA is available in six different models. We implement only the heating solution that meets your requirements – and tailor it precisely to your specific facility conditions.
PRIMA can be used anywhere, no matter the indoor air. Customized for virtually all large buildings from four meters high. For new constructions and renovations. Available in the versions PRIMA or PRIMA plus with extra insulation (can also be retrofitted) and in four performance classes. Also in a corrosion-proof stainless steel design – ideal for heating washing halls. For natural and liquid gas. And modular and expandable at any time.

⟶ Performance classes

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