Today there is a lot of talk about efficiency. For KÜBLER, though, it's more than talk: efficiency is our identity. Our unceasing drive toward ensuring top efficiency makes KÜBLER products stand above the crowd in an energy-hungry market. What do our customers get out of it? Look at it this way: up to 70% energy savings. A return on investment of 2 to 5 years. Thousands of tons fewer CO2 emissions. And heating solutions where sustainable use pays for the investment costs. Take a closer look.

Digital space heating.

Efficiency can be increased. KÜBLER shows how. We network infrared space heating systems with hot water supplies and integrate renewable energies. We combine the energy flows from heating, compressors and other production facilities. And thus KÜBLER provides the highest efficiency gain that makes economic sense.

Efficiency can also be seen from this perspective: a heating system should only work when it is actually needed, and yet be as economical as possible. It starts up automatically at the beginning of a shift and controls heating times according to the weather. It switches off as soon as facility doors open. It shows the optimum maintenance cycles and makes consumption and other data transparent. And of course, it should be child's play to operate.

Efficiency is an attitude.

Efficiency has made our technologies unique. But if you take a closer look, you will see that it has made an unmistakable impact on KÜBLER products. Efficiency starts with our recyclable packaging and recyclable products. It is found in special services, such as the KÜBLER spare parts guarantee for every device sold to date. Of course, it is particularly efficient when KÜBLER systems are customized for almost any customer request, no matter how unusual. And it is always efficient when our solutions exceed the expectations of our customers.